We Are All Weak

Is it just me, or do we now live in a significantly less physically demanding society than that of our parents? Now before you go getting all defensive, just ease back on the couch and I will tell you why I even raise this issue. I watch very little television, and listen to even less commercial radio so pardon me if this is old hat to you. I watched some of CBC's airing of "The Lord of the Rings" and it was here this idea came to me and all because of an advert for Advil. I think it was Advil. At any rate some common pain relieving medication. In it they show a man being pulled by his dog, and he seems powerless to stop it - all the while there is a commentator's voice in the background giving the blow- by-blow for a steeplechase race. Next it is weight lifting commentary and we see a man trying to heft a 27 - 32" television, and finally it is synchro swimming type of commentary and a couple rolling paint on to their ceiling. Then they cut to the product shot and tell us, and I can't remember the exact wording but something like for all your aches and pains, or for everyday pain relief, something like that. And it hit me. What the hell were any of those people doing that they should require medication? Honestly. Walking the dog. Moving in a new larger tv. Painting the ceiling. Come on. What kind of pussies do they take us for?
I was mildly insulted by the whole premise, and then stopped to consider that perhaps the vast majority of people across this great land really do get little to no exercise, and could possibly seriously strain themselves while walking the dog. Sad. No building tall buildings, tossing hay bales, twisting wrenches for the modern human - no. We strain ourselves decorating our houses and hoisting yet another leisure time device into position in front of our couches. Tell me it isn't so.