And He Drinks Johnnie Walker


File this one under - "My how times have changed." That is if you are into filing things under anything at all, or if the changing of societal norms holds anything more than a mere passing fancy for you.
I was at my children's school the other day and there were some magazines that had been left so they could be reused by the students, all good so far. I picked up this one, the October/November 1988 Canadian Geographic magazine and had to laugh, look, read, laugh some more at the ad on the back cover.


Questions arise. Who are these women? Why would she be happy to meet a guy who is "crazy about her kid" AND a drinker of Johnnie Walker. Does not make sense. Who are the advertising people who came up with this and what were they thinking? And what crossed the minds of the execs at Johnnie Walker when they looked at this ad and read the copy?

I just found this too funny, as has anyone I have shown it to since. I am not offended in any way by the ad, it just tickles me to think that only 18 years ago it was thought of as a good strategy for selling booze.

Enjoy, and remember ... "Good taste is always an asset"