Free Information and Free Advice

Free Information

The Free Information Society has posted on their web site an interesting aural archive, for your free downloading of course. The Society has provided "Historical Sounds in MP3 Format" to be listened to and enjoyed. Kind of like being Forrest Gump. You'll feel like you were at many of the past century's newsworthy events, in fact it's like a window to the past, only it's closed and you can't see out of it, you can try the door to get out but it's locked and no matter how much you pound no one hears you, you're locked in, so you're forced to sit miserably in front of your radio again while cool shit's happening, and cool people are there and you can only listen.

Free Advice

What is up with this DaVinci Code? I saw years of the series on CBC and while the character Dominic DaVinci, a coroner in Vancouver (idea clearly stolen from Quincy), is compelling and the plot lines intriguing I just don't see what all the fuss is about if they want to make it into a movie. If you want my advice, wait for it to come on CBC

**UPDATE**Apparently there is more to this than I knew. Who would have guessed that DaVinci would be such a popular name? Gandalf is even in the movie, and if you follow this link you will hear some sage advice from the white wizard himself. Ok, now I see. My advice, the book is not worth your time unless you're into poorly written mystery novels and as for the movie, judging by critical response -- rent it.