A bridge, a cautionary tale, and a link

The above is from my photos at Flickr and was once again taken when I was in Weyburn last summer.

A Cautionary Tale

I was at a relative's home the other night for supper, and among other things we had a very tasty watermelon, feta and black olive salad for supper. Don't ask or question - just make it for yourself, you won't be sorry. Now the cautionary message concerns an after supper occurrence, and I feel as if I would be letting a portion of the human race down if I did not pass along this warning message. I realize that this warning may not apply to all, or even many but if I can save even one person from having to suffer the indignity I was exposed to it will have been worth it. If you have a cappuccino maker (and I don't think it is brand dependent - but this one was made by a certain GIANT chain of hipster coffee shops, some of which may or may not be located in the GIANT chain of hipster bookstores). Anyway without further ado - the warning.

For the love of god people clean out your drip trays!

When I was a kid growing up in the 70's I used to hate coming home from school only to smell the thick, cloying, annoying smell of a fresh permanent administered to my mother by one of the members of her coffee clutch. Yuck. Now the perm smell is one thing, but now I have an image for you, an image that will hopefully help you to grasp the awful smell that came from the decroded piece of crap otherwise known as the filthy drip tray on my brother in law's cappuccino maker. Picture if you will a llama, now imagine a llama that has been fed nothing but a highly volatile mixture of prunes and refried beans, and imagine the poor beast after about three hours in the throes of gastric unrest, its bowel feverishly working to rid itself of every last bit of waste material in as quick a fashion as possible. Getting the picture? So the llama's posterior is caked in fresh diarrhea, then some chain smoking beauty trots the unfortunate ungulate into your kitchen and proceeds to vigorously perm the fetid mass of ass hair. That image sort of begins to describe the smell that came from the drip tray on my brother in law's cappuccino maker. So, if you have a cappuccino maker and a drip tray please heed these words and clean it out.

A Link

As promised a link. Now before you just go clicking on it, please if you have epilepsy or any type of seizure disorder this may bother you, everyone else crank up your volume and prepare to be amazed ...

Killer Japanese Seizure Robots