Smash Capitalism

How long is it going to take the collective mass to realize that this headlong race toward the lowest common denominator also known as capitalism is killing us. Killing us all. It is just not that obvious (although it should be) to us in the so called West. In order for capitalism to thrive people must acquire, and acquire, and acquire some more just in case they forgot to acquire for a minute. Therefore we must also produce, and produce, and produce some more which places enormous strain on the ecosystem, the plants, the animals, and our fellow human beings. And for what? Really, what is it all for? Take some time and think long and hard about that one. Then start to consider the gap between rich and poor and wonder and think, then wonder some more. Why should that be?
I know it may sound terribly naive and utopian, but why can't we all share what we have, put our various talents to use for the good of us all, and as far as remuneration is concerned - end the inequality. Now the argument that is always put forth goes something like,"Why would anyone be a doctor, or surgeon if they are not going to be paid more than a janitor?", and it would seem to me that if one has aptitude for a certain area, or wants to pursue a certain line of work, the amount one is paid to do the work is not the prime consideration, nor should it be. Working for the good of us all, allowing us all to achieve a minimum level of health and well being, is that too much to ask? I could go on, and on but suffice to say a significant mind shift is called for to change our current course, and the capitalist system does not want us to change our thinking.
Why chase after baubles when so much more is at stake. Humans should have arrived at a point in time by now where we realize that this Earth of ours is our one and only home, and all life depends on our stewardship. I say our stewardship not because I want to place homo sapiens above all other forms of life, but because we have done and continue to be able to do damage on an enormous scale all the while being fully conscious of the end results of our actions. We will squeeze every drop of oil from the earth, knowing full well what we are doing, yet not bothering to stop because there is no incentive in the capitalist system to encourage us to do so. The way I see things, we can either change willingly or change when the whole thing comes crashing down on our heads. Personally I would rather make the change than have it forced upon me, but that's me.

Rock on consumers.