Talking Trash Cans Or Are They?

The German company Solar-Lifestyle and the City of Berlin have installed talking trash cans around the city to encourage users to deposit trash where it belongs, rather than on the streets of Berlin. Citizens depositing trash in these receptacles receive a positive affirmation for their actions in the form of a "thank you" from the trash bin itself. Wonderful if it works, I say, but then I started to examine these "trash cans" a little more closely.


Compare and contrast the image of the trash can with the image of the sinister Dalek from the BBC Television series Doctor Who. Notice anything?


Look again. While the outside of the trash can does not immediately look like a Dalek, it does appear like it is concealing a Dalek inside. Could it be that pretty soon someone walking up to one of these trash cans, rather than hearing "thank you" will soon start to hear the frightening refrain of "exterminate, exterminate" before being vaporized? Is Solar-Lifestyle nothing more than a clever front for a hostile alien takeover of our planet? And are they making us clean it up before exterminating us? And what about this web site, the online home of "The Dalek Builders' Guild"? Training ground for trash can / world destruction builders?

I am going to find somewhere quiet to rest my head and try to sort all of this out.