Burroughs, the WTC and capitalism

This is up for grabs on eBay. Looks like w.s. burroughs wasn't down with the capitalist symbol that was the WTC. I also found this interesting. Seems like the Center for the Advancement of Capitalism is running a little short on funds and is asking for donations. Always tough to see die-hard capitalists down on their luck and begging for hand-outs. Now something I did not like to see. Seems like it is business as usual for the Bush clan, and is it me or did Dubya capitalize the letter "c" in the word "cocky" (now "Cocky") usually used to describe him since his election win last November?
The original "Cocky" Bush, and the new and improved version:

(notice the goat horns). Maybe George is just a metal fan, a Texas Longhorns fan or perhaps he is sending out some secret Masonic salute to his brethren, who knows? What I do know is that it runs in the family, as does the seemingly innocent ability to profit from the spoils of war and the "war on terror". Rock on you crazy Bushes. Makes you wonder what WSB would be aiming at today if he were alive. Cheers.