Speaking of Dinosaurs ...

"Adam naming the animals"

Ok, now this is disturbing. It almost really is time to just throw up our collective hands and shut out the lights on the whole southern half of the United States. Listen, just because a book written two thousand plus years ago tells you that your god created everything we see here doesn't necessarily make it so. If I am looking for a phone number I wouldn't rely on last year's phone book, and it is this same line of thinking that makes me hesitant to consult a book that is over two thousand years old when I am looking for scientific information relating to this world of ours. This book was written long before the "scientific method" came into vogue and as such leaves a lot to be desired if we are to consult it as a science text. What is wrong with people that they want to take this book so literally? Why would they want to make a place like this? Why would they say things like this? Have they consulted any other sources than their book, or are they so blinded by dogma that their ears and minds are deaf to reason?

And what about all those people who could possibly benefit from some access to the information presented in the IMAX films that will now not make it into the heart of darkness? Has the religious right taken such a stranglehold over U.S. society that running an IMAX movie that a small percentage of the population sees as "controversial" is now not done because of the climate of fear that has been created? Wrong I say. Many IMAX theatres are located in "Science Centres" and not churches, Sunday schools, mosques or synagogues. Where is the conflict? Where is the need to back down from promoting a scientific point of view? Where is the backbone?