Old Age Security

I came across this today and it set my mind to thinking on its possible uses, particularly as relating to US Homeland Security. The gist of the site is that by scanning a fingerprint, the computer will then go on to create ...

" ... a 3D labyrinth made from one's own scanned fingerprint."
Perhaps instead of requiring all Canadians to have a passport to enter the United States, we could have some kind of timed trial to successfully navigate the 3D maze of your own fingerprint. It would be both fun for the whole family and secure. Of course Elsie Wayne would probably have something to say about this, as seniors would definitely be at a disadvantage when it comes to speed and agility whilst navigating a giant 3D replica of their fingerprint. Wait a minute, maybe they would have an advantage, as by the time they get as old as Elsie, they have probably worn off most of their prints, and the walls would be really short, and they could just look over them and see the ending - probably drive right over them with those little electric powered scooter/chairs they're always driving around.

That doesn't sound fair at all, and it would be better for Canada if they just stayed home and spent some of that money they all have socked away right here in Canada, rather than dumping it all over the golf courses in Florida and Arizona or where ever it is the hip seniors are wintering these days. Maybe rather than working for faceless corporations like McDonald's or WalMart they could pursue some kind of volunteer work that actually makes a difference to the communities in which they live. Now I know you're probably thinking that I am being a little tough on the seniors, and that they didn't spend all their lives working to retire and work for free. You may have a point. You may not. Think of the state of our society these days, it is mad (and my friend Chairman Don likes to point this out as often as he can). I thus far whole heartedly concur with all the Chairman's observations, and got to thinking ... whose fault is this mess anyway? All those seniors who have spent the last forty plus years ceaselessly toiling for the man, sweating to advance the capitalist, me-first agenda of the corporations and capitalist robber-barons who have plundered our society expressly for the benefit of "the shareholder" and "the CEO". From what I can tell, with a few

notable exceptions
, they did it without thinking about it, or questioning what exactly it is/was they were participating in. So long as they made it to church most Sundays and begged forgiveness from their god,

what they did the other six days a week was all hunky dory.

Rock on and good luck in the maze of your worn down 3D fingerprints seniors. Oh and thanks for the mess.