Life Hacks

Always being somewhat reluctant to part with a whole pile of money for most articles of clothing, I am a frequenter of the local Value Village. For the uninitiated among you, at Value Village the discriminating shopper will find all manner of second hand clothing, books, housewares, and bric-a-brac. Don't have much use for the bric-a-brac or the used houseware items, but I always have room in my closet for an obscure t-shirt or two. Then one day I decided to look for shirts with the express intent of hacking their corporate messages with messages of my own.

Here are the results:



These two fun alterations of these "shadverts" (shirts as advertising - you heard it here first) were fun, the reaction has been favourable, and I will keep this up as a weird kind of subversive recreational word gymnastics.

And just the other day I saw a bumper sticker on a car that made me laugh. I had my camera with me and hurriedly snapped a pic ...


Here's hoping the cops aren't paying attention to bumper stickers, at least for the sake of the driver of this car.