Welcome to Winter 9

The ninth year for the Welcome to Winter 9 skate contest came and went so smoothly that if you weren't in the know, you just did not know. No whining, no fights, no parents abusing young officials. In short - real civil for an "unorganized sport". It was wonderful to see the skaters tearing up the indoor park, having a good time doing it AND being civil to each other in the process. Three cheers for skateboarders. Three cheers for event sponsor and organizer Tiki Room, and all other corporate skateboard company type sponsors.
Here are some photos to let you know what you missed if you did, and to remind you of what you saw if you were there.


Noel with a fistfull of dollars, the man never leaves home without his roll.


Nosin' it


This dude ripped hard and fast all day


2pac - always last off the course


Hittin' the rail


Sarah M over the stairs, she took second place in the 13 and under


Mikey T took first in the Best Trick Contest

More pics at my flickr site.